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Thursday, 26 May 2016


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Fusion bonded modular tiles with a fiber wear layer made of 98% post-consumer recycled content

Contender, Carpet Tile

Everlast Contender products offer a textured flooring solution for health and fitness spaces exposed to high volumes of traffic. The surfacing features a fiber wear layer and recycled rubber backing, fused together using the new patent-pending itstru Technology. The newest addition to the Everlast portfolio is setting new standards in recycled content containing 98% post-consumer recycled content. The new Contender product enables the Everlast brand to increase its portfolio of products to offer multiple solutions for the health club environment - from entryways and staff offices to weight rooms and locker rooms. Installed with or without adhesive, the system created a virtually seamless appearance.

Patent-pending itstru Technology utilizes advanced production capabilities to fuse two proven flooring systems into one even more durable product that is easy to install. By using a manufacturing process that has never before been introduced in the flooring industry, itstru Technology allows a 97% post-consumer recycled rubber backing to be fusion bonded with a fiber wear layer. This creates a surfacing system that features the superior durability and installation ease of Everlast’s recycled rubber surfacing, with the aesthetics and versatility of a textile surfacing solution. In an industry with defined application barriers and product-specific usage requirements, itstru simplifies the specification and installation process. All Contender products will come with a standard 5mm recycled rubber backing.

Contender is comprised of the Fit and Flex series, each with a distinct wear layer texture to enable versatile design and accommodate varied functional needs.


Fit Series

Meditation 1
Contender, Carpet Tile
Bruiser 1
Contender, Carpet Tile
Envy 1
Contender, Carpet Tile
Workhorse 1
Contender, Carpet Tile
Shiner 1
Contender, Carpet Tile
Concrete 1
Contender, Carpet Tile

The Fit series features a high pile wear layer in a looped texture designed for health and fitness spaces exposed to high traffic. The wear layer is composed of 100% recycled polyester and the backing is composed of 97% post-consumer recycled rubber. The Fit series is currently offered in six standard colors.


Flex Series

Meditation 2
Contender, Carpet Tile
Bruiser 2
Contender, Carpet Tile
Envy 3
Contender, Carpet Tile
Workhorse 2
Contender, Carpet Tile
Shiner 2
Contender, Carpet Tile
Concrete 2
Contender, Carpet Tile

The Flex series features a low pile, flat, smooth, needle-punched, fiber texture designed for health and fitness spaces exposed to high traffic. The wear layer is composed of 100% recycled polyester and the backing is composed of 97% post-consumer recycled rubber. The Flex series is currently offered in six standard colors.


Contender Benefits

  • Contender products offer the highest percentage of recycled content in the industry
  • PVC free
  • Indoor air quality compliant
  • Can potentially contribute points toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits
  • Offered in a variety of colors and textures, Contender is designed to enable easy coordination with Everlast recycled rubber surfacing products
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Made with itstru Technology

What is itstru Technology?
A patent-pending, revolutionary innovation poised to transform the flooring industry, itstru Technology enables ECORE’s proven recycled rubber product to be bonded with a diverse variety of textile wear layers. Unlike any process introduced in the flooring industry to date, the itstru technology combines two diverse surfacing systems to create one durable and environmentally sustainable product with a backing composed of a record-setting 97% post-consumer content.


Contender, Carpet Tile


  • EVERLAST Contender products do not contain Nike Grind.
  • There may be shade variations in the sample and actual material due to the fibers in the wear layer.
  • Modular tiles (interlocking and straight-edge) are not intended to be completely seamless.
  • As with all other modular systems, seams may be more apparent in areas with natural light.
  • A little positive drape is to be expected and is considered an advantage during installation.