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Friday, 28 Nov 2014

Cool Down Suite

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Create a calm and cool focus for a fitness facility with colors like Camo, Green Tea, and Ommm… from Everlast’s Cool Down collection. The fresh and luminous tones of this collection create an atmosphere ideal for focused and refreshing workouts, with color concentrations ranging from the bold Pure Blueberry to the more subtle Cuff N Link. Whether applied as a muted background or a central design component, selections from Everlast’s Cool Down collection enable effortless coordination which delivers the creative versatility that fitness centers require for success.


 EL01 Buff Blue 10  EL04 Buff Blue/Grey  EL09 Pumpin' Purple
 EL32 Green Tea

 EL82 Cuff N' Link

 EL45 Buff Blue 20

 EL38 Blue Steel

 EL92 Camo

 EL90 Boot Camp

 EL86 Ommm...  EL89 Hulk Green