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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Technical & Warranty Info

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Everlast rolls, titles, and Ultra Tile have a range of installation methods, from easy “install with your staff” techniques to more permanent and professionally installed full spread adhesive system for more detailed installation instructions.

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EverlastTechnical Information

Specialized Fitness Resources, Technical and Warranty Information


ECORE developed E-Grip III, an easy-to-use one-parte polyurethane adhesive, for adhering Everlast flooring to various substrates with moisture content up to 5.5 lbs. Only an ECORE approved adhesive should be used. E-Grip III’s coverage is approximately 95sq. ft./gal (1.6” square notch trowel) depending on substrate conditions and is available in 2 or 4 gallon pails.

Cleaning and Maintenance

All Everlast flooring system must be maintained as recommended. The type and frequency of maintenance will vary according to maintenance equipment and desired appearance of product.


All ECORE International rubber flooring is guaranteed by ECORE International to be free from manufacturing defects on both material and workmanship. It such a defect is discovered, the customer must notify ECORE either through the contracting installer, distributor, or directly. If found to be defective within three years under normal non-abusive conditions, the sole remedy against the seller will be the replacement or repair of the defective goods or at the seller’s option, credit may be issued not exceeding the selling price of the defective goods. Everlast warranty shall not cover dissatisfaction due to improper installation, damage from improper maintenance or usage, or general misuse, including and without limitation: burns, cut, tears, scratches, scuff, damage from rolling loads, damage from cleaning products not recommended by ECORE, shade variations due to exposure to direct sunlight, or differences in color between samples or photographs and actual flooring.