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Tuesday, 25 Oct 2016

Cross Turf

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Cross Turf is a great new product on our lineup that fulfills the need the need for a premium turf product. Cross Turf provides great cushion underfoot and also has great sound isolating advantages.

croos turf, sound isolating

The most important thing we had in mind when designing the Cross Turf was the Athlete's body. It was very important to reduce impact specially to the lower extremities.


Cross Turf is designed for indoors only. It also meets the specifications for sports such as field hockey, soccer and lacrosse. It is spike resistant and ideal for all indoor training facilities and schools.


croos turf, sound isolating


Also, the Cross Turf interlocking tiles can help to transform a basketball court into a soccer field within minutes without the need of adhesive and the risk of damaging the surface.  It can also help to create a portable field.


This turf is tough enough to withstand pushing some sleds.

croos turf, sound isolating