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Friday, 21 Oct 2016

War Machine, Exercise Equipment

War Machine

War Machine Rotational Bodyweight Trainer - The Total Package!
Developed and Made In The USA for the military and elite athletes, the War Machine® is now available to the general public.

>War Machine, Exercise Equipment

  • (1) War Machine® complete rotational bodyweight trainer (includes training manual and training DVD)
  • (1) Door anchor  
  • (1) Heavy Duty canvas carrying bag 

    Your Price: $249.99
    Manufacturer: CROSSCORE
    Manufacturer Part No: WARMACHINE-1

In order to mimic the natural mobility of your sport and body, it takes rotational movement. Period! Whatever your sport, whatever your fitness goal, the War Machine offers the most advanced fitness training tool in one small package. The ability to train in static mode when the pin is engaged and rotational mode when the pin is pulled makes it safe for beginners and a rude awakening for even the most elite athlete. If you started at the bottom, we'll soon see you at the top.


The War Machine® is currently used by the US military/Special Ops and elite athletes worldwide. It is also endorsed by top collegiate fitness coaches.

3-D Gymnastics rings with rotational movement. Just when you thought your rings couldn't get any better, CrossCore put a whole new "spin" on things. We dare you to try the Iron Cross on this! Rings attach via a very simple and affordable accessory add on. Call today and ask us how.


War Machine, Exercise Equipment War Machine, Exercise Equipment War Machine, Exercise Equipment

A higher level of training created through the evolution of human performance.

War Machine® Suspended Pulley System - Eight years of development in the pursuit of a higher level of training for the military, elite athletes and trainers, the War Machine is now available to the public. The discovery and implementation of rotational movement that the War Machine creates is a true breakthrough in bodyweight training and provides the user with versatility never seen before in the fitness industry.

Challenge yourself. PULL THE PIN! Locked-N-Loaded deactivates the pulley rotation and stabilizes the handles for exercising without the pulley. Pull The Pin and the War Machine turns any workout into a rotational, multi-planar body assault. Important - Please check our Dealers Page BEFORE you order to make sure there is not a dealer in your area first. CrossCore cannot ship to a country outside the US where we have an exclusive dealer.

Life's A Battle …Prepare For War®

Worldwide Trademarks apply and Patents Pending


  • (1) War Machine® complete pulley training system (includes training manual and training DVD) 
  • (1) Door anchor 
  • (1) Heavy Duty canvas carrying bag

War Machine™ Advantages:

  • Patent Pending "Locked-N-Loaded" mode fully locks the pulley wheel into "static mode" with the use of a magnetic pin, which greatly adds to the stability of the War Machine when in use.
  • The Locked-N-Loaded magnetic pin can be easily removed (Pull The Pin) at any time and stored at the top of the pulley. Unlocking the pulley puts the War Machine in "open mode" and allows for more advanced exercises or for freeweights and resistance straps to be used.
  • Handles clip in at the top of the War Machine for exercises where the pulley is not needed and handles need to be higher off the ground (such as knee raises and pull ups)
  • Self leveling handles. The War Machine’s Patent Pending pulley system assures the user will never have to re-adjust the height of the handles during an exercise when in "open mode".
  • Foot cradle padding keeps straps from cutting into the legs and arms when performing certain exercises like knee raises and hamstring curls.These cradles open and close for a snug fit while exercising.
  • Handles are interchangeable with other cable attachments such as ankle straps, D handles, rope attachments and more.
  • Rope length can quickly and safely be shortened to any length to add versatility to your exercise routine. Adjustment is only needed on one side!
  • Counter weights (maximum 50 lbs), such as a Kettlebell or resistance band, can be added to one side to provide resistance on the other. The War Machine is the only "suspension type" of trainer on the planet to use body weight, freeweight and resistance bands as a means of resistance.
  • Resistance for most exercises can be increased or decreased in "micro increments" simply by moving the feet forward or backward.
  • A crossover (same as cable crossover) can be created by spacing two War Machine’s about 8’ apart and then using weighted resistance, such as a Kettlebell. This creates an unbelievable workout solution for those situated in isolated areas, such as our Troops.
  • The built in Door Anchor is included FREE and is always attached to the main strap and ready to use at any time. PVC coated so it will not scratch.
  • Optional Ceiling/Wall Anchor allows user to create an anchor point for the strap when one is not already available. (see instructions for mounting info BEFORE installing)
  • Take it with you! Your War Machine® can go with you to the park, to the gym, on vacation or wherever you'd like to go for a change of pace and it all fits into a convenient carry bag. If you are in the military, the War Machine literally solves all your past problems with trying to source fitness equipment while out in remote areas.
  • Total weight rating is approximately 1,000 lbs. This is a commercial grade piece of equipment and will hold up to whatever you throw at it.
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty on War Machine® Pulley Unit. 1-Year Limited Warranty on everything else (straps, ropes, carabiners, handles, etc.)
  • Proudly Made In The USA
  • Download the War Machine Basic Training Manual


War Machine, Exercise Equipment
War Machine, Exercise Equipment
War Machine, Exercise Equipment